KARE understands there is a lot of noise around the subject of exposure to co-employment risks. To reduce exposure and give our customers some peace of mind, KARE has created the very first, and only, Employment Practices Liability Insurance Policy (EPLI) program for third parties called KARE PROTECT™ that is for the benefit of its customers, not for KARE itself.

Yes, most staffing agencies have an EPLI policy for themselves. And most communities have EPLI policies for their own employees. But no staffing agency, digital staffing agency or labor marketplace has a policy that covers the risk of the caring community. Almost no community’s EPLI policy covers third-party workers. This puts all caring communities at significant risk.

It took KARE almost a year to create KARE PROTECT™ through specialty insurance markets in London, England.  We have verified that this EPLI program does not exist the way we have created it.

Because KARE is a labor marketplace, we can’t directly insure our Heroes or communities using the KARE platform. KARE can make sure our Heroes purchase the right insurance to ensure our customers are covered from the types of claims mentioned above (General Liability, Malpractice, Workers’ Comp, Crime, etc.). Additionally, KARE customers will obtain EPLI coverage from us that covers them in the event of the following claims:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Employee
  • Misclassification

KARE customers can rest assured that there is EPLI in the event they are sued for alleged wrongful acts or if some jurisdiction determines that our Heroes should have been classified as W-2 and not 1099.

Some facts about KARE PROTECT:

  • The cost of the policy is included as part of the customer’s base hourly fee.
  • Coverage up to $2 Million.
  • KARE will split the deductible with the community (up to a limit) in the event of a claim.
  • The policy is fractionalized to cover the community during the shift and any resulting incident.
  • KARE may fund future tail insurance, if needed, up to the statutes of limitations.
  • As the community will technically be buying this policy from KARE, the community will be the insured.