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KARE Partner Powerhouse(2)

Welcome to the KARE Partner Powerhouse, where partnerships are the nucleus of growth and innovation and elevating the lives of seniors is at our core. We are committed to fostering strategic alliances that propel mutual prosperity. Whether you're a startup hungry for market domination or a seasoned pro craving new horizons, we invite you to join forces with KARE and form a bond that defies the laws of competition.

Partnership Types


The Activator

Not just your average networking sidekick! The Activator is the life of the party, turning mundane events into absolute must-attend bashes. Let's join forces to kickstart relationships, drive engagement, and set the business world on fire.


The Converter

The lead exchanging legend! We are a dynamic duo on a mission to turbocharge each other's business. This strategic alliance is fueled by trust, incentivized teamwork, and a passion for mutual triumph.


The Fuser

The go-to guru for technology integration! Picture us as the ultimate tech matchmakers, blending our systems, tools, and software seamlessly to unlock the full potential of technology and create a superior user experience.

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Please ONLY complete this form if you represent a business interested in becoming a business partner with KARE. If you are a caregiver or nurse interested in becoming a HERO, visit the HERO page. If you are a community looking for staff, visit the community page

Houston HLJ-46 (2)